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The Water

The Water We need water for drinking, cabin Washing and gardening. Animals alive can live without water one amount of water are used up everyday at home in schools factories and almost everywhere we live Water is a colourless out with no smell. Water has three molecules. 1 WERE BORN WATER COME FROM Watere potes …

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The Microbes

The Microbes Balance of Nature MICROBES: Microbes are a special group of living things most of which can be seen only through a microscope, Fungi and bacteria are common types of microbes. A FUNGI: are microbes which grow on wood, food substances and soil but are different from plants as they do not have chlorophyll. …

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THE SOIL Soil is important to plants because it supports plants and provides them with water and food. KINDS OF SOIL Soil can be divided into three kinds depending on its structure Sandy soil: contains more sand and therefore drains water very quickly and becomes dry. Clay soil: contains very tiny particles and therefore has …

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