What happened to Facebook services? The real reason why she was cut off for 6 hours!

Facebook services returned to work after an interruption of six hours, and rumors abounded about the reason for their interruption.

The beginning was with WhatsApp, as it was the first application to crash, which began to appear for the WhatsApp Web version, which appeared in the inability to receive or reply to any message, and was followed by a few moments later by the WhatsApp application, Facebook and Instagram.

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This outage caused users to go to other alternatives, which were Twitter, Telegram, Signal and TikTok, where the two platforms experienced a sudden increase in the number of active users.

Graph showing the sudden increase in the number of users of the mentioned applications – Source: CloudFlare

This is not the first time that we have witnessed a complete interruption of Facebook services, as we experienced this before on the date of March 19, 2021, but the failure did not take that long time that it took this time, which is the largest in the history of the company since its founding!

Reasons for the complete interruption of Facebook services:

Rumors abounded about the problem; But the most common reason is a defect in the so-called Gateway Protocol (BGP), which in turn is responsible for sending data from one person to another in the fastest way, and for example, if we have a person in Egypt entering a site located in Argentina, he is delivered to the desired site by BGP protocol This protocol has vulnerabilities to be hacked and controlled.

According to the official statement by Doug Marduri, director of the “kintlik” agency specialized in Internet analysis, who said that an employee within Facebook had updated the company’s records for the BGP protocol, and this update led to the loss of all records that tell us the presence of Facebook services on the IP address, in other words. If we asked to log into Facebook during the outage, we wouldn’t find the company’s IP or DNS, causing the largest social network to disappear for such a long time.

As a result of this flagrant mistake from Facebook, pranks spread among users who tried to offer Facebook’s domain for sale.

The outage wasn’t just limited to users, but also within Facebook

The problem was not limited to ordinary users, but employees inside the Facebook building became unable to communicate with each other, through internal services such as e-mails, because those services were based on the same domain names that had completely disappeared, and even the cards used to enter the buildings inside the company became disabled.

Marduri added that it is clear that the DNS paths produced by Facebook have been copied, as the DNS is an essential element for routing Internet traffic, it translates the Facebook address into an IP address and if those records differ it cannot be found, and the confirmation of many experts came The problem is that the DNS fails and is considered a possible culprit.

No, Facebook user data has not been leaked

Rumors spread that the data of more than a billion and a half users in Facebook had been leaked, and the company completely denied this, and the platform was also not hacked by a thirteen-year-old Chinese child, but the real reason for the company’s service interruption is what we explained earlier.

Did Facebook intentionally cut its services for such a long time?

Facebook is going through a difficult period. Not only is the service interrupted for six hours, but the company is facing another problem that reaches the US Congress, which some believe are related to each other.

Where Facebook is exposed to another crisis is the leaking of confidential documents within the company to the newspaper “Wall Street”, which reveal the company’s awareness of the damage caused by its services and its negative impact on teenagers.

Where the former data scientist at Facebook “Francis Hogan” explained in one of the TV programs that she is responsible for these leaks and confirmed that Facebook prefers material profit over the safety of users, as the company is only interested in spending as much time as possible on that platform by users, even if it is on the At the expense of spreading hate and violence, all employees of the company, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, do not care at all, as Hogan stresses that every time the company’s profits are put in one hand and the safety of users in another, the non-profit hand is always sacrificed for the company.

Hogan stated in tweets on Twitter that she will testify before the US Congress next week and will present all the internal documents that she was able to leak, which is expected to cause major problems for the company. directed to her?

Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune drops by nearly $7 billion

As a result of this long interruption of all Facebook services, Mark’s fortune decreased by seven billion dollars in a few hours, falling to the sixth richest man in the world according to Forbes, and Facebook recorded a decline of 5.63% during the outage period.

After the issue was resolved, the company’s technical engineers apologized, saying, “We have worked hard to restore access to our apps and services and are happy to report that they are back online,” stressing that users’ data was not compromised as a result of this outage.

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