Top 4 Free Android and iOS Apps for September 2021

When you browse the app store on your smartphone – whether it’s Android or iOS – you will find a large number of applications suitable for any keyword you are looking for, and trying all these applications is a tedious task, isn’t it? At the same time, it has become boring to use the same apps over and over again, creating a kind of boring routine for the way we use our smartphones.

Since we the users are stuck in a circle of a few apps that we have been using for many years, we at AragicTech decided to highlight every month five of the best new Android and iOS apps in our opinion, which will help in creating an ever-renewing experience with your smartphone.

In this list, we focused on premium free apps that provide different features from others or allow new uses for your phone that you didn’t know it could do. Our goal from these choices is to create an interesting experience to rediscover your smartphone again!
Without further ado, here is my list of the 5 best Android and iOS apps for September 2021 that are worth a try.

1- STFO . Application

The second app on our list is “STFO”, weird name isn’t it? Yes, but it is very useful, through it, you will enjoy the convenience of preventing your phone’s notifications from disturbing you.

Suppose you are busy and stressed at work and do not want anything to distract you from your priorities; But at the same time, you don’t want to neglect important messages that may come to you from your parents, co-workers or close friend, here comes the importance of the STFO application in addressing this problem.

Where you can program the different types of settings, for example, choose the application that you want to add a specific rule to and choose the type and type of messages that you want to send you notifications like “Important” or “Urgent” and things like that.

The goal of this procedure is to receive this type of message even when the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode, in addition to the ability to prevent the application itself from sending alerts and notifications, and you can customize a specific vibration or certain sound notifications to alert you, and among the commands that the application can implement if the condition matches :

Automatic response to notifications, for example, you can write a pre-message: “Hello, thanks for messaging, I will call you later” and the message will be sent automatically
Hide the content of rule-matched notifications.
Possibility to copy OTP codes automatically
Automatically dismiss and dismiss notifications.
Mute and block notifications and alerts that violate the previously defined rules criteria.
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2- VolEQ App

Companies don’t focus too much on the sound quality of their smartphones, which is why we found it important to talk about this, an app called “VolEQ” specifically geared towards improving your phone’s volume.

The application offers you the perfect solution to get a balanced audio experience, where you can create various presets for all audio applications, for example, if you are watching a video on YouTube or watching a movie or series on Netflix, the “Balanced Preset” experience will enable you to adjust the quiet sounds to make higher and vice versa for loud sounds.

The app also comes with other options, such as the “loud preset” which reduces the noise that is heard a lot in the background of the video clip. The VolEq app also provides a special mode that you can control and adjust manually as you see fit, in addition to three other pre-select modes:

Noisy: When the background of the video is too noisy, this preset won’t let you hear any sound until the loud sounds are reduced.
Podcast: Balance different audio levels for each person so that it maintains the audio level for all people.
Balanced: reduce the overall difference between quiet and loud sound; to create a counterbalance.
In short, VolEq dynamically adjusts the sound from your phone by controlling presets, so if you’re struggling with a lack of volume on your phone, this app can help!

3- Flux app

The official Flux app review.
Flux is one of the most accurate and attractive weather and climate apps in the Google Play Store thanks to its simple and intuitive interface.
Where the application contains all the basics found in all weather applications, on the first page there is the temperature with more details about the hourly weather forecasts, and you can also look at the timetables to see the weather a few hours ago through beautiful graphics.
You can also change the theme and charts of the app from two options that already exist, in addition to having the option to change the theme of the entire app’s illustration and choose the look you want. precipitation and UV index.
The app also supports full interface customization, from the look of the icons to the widget design, and best of all, it’s completely free!

4- Sketchbook app

Sketchbook official review
For those who love to draw, Sketchbook is a multi-award winning drawing app. Illustrators and artists on smartphones like to use it; For its combination of highly customizable tools and professional features.

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