Human’s Health and Diseases

Human’s Health and Diseases

Human’s Health and Diseases. A clean body, clean surroundings, clean water and food, and fresh air are required to keep ourselves healthy.


1) Take a bath everyday to wash away dirt, sweat, and germs from our body.

Wash hands with soap especially before eating food and after coming from the

3) Keep finger nails clean and do not grow them long.

4) Brush teeth after every meal and before going to bed.

5) Comb the hair two or three times a day. (Use shampoo or lemon).

6)Wear shoes and do not go bare-footed on wet or dirt grounds.


1) Sweep all rooms and around the house everyday and keep them clean.

2) Keep rubbish in closed bin. Empty them in a distant place digging a big ditch

or pit.

3) Prevent breeding of flies and keep food covered.

4) Get rid of all rats and cockroaches by clearing their breeding place and killing


5) Always use a latrine to pass urine and faeces. It should have a lid to keep flies

away. Always spray insecticides (targets) or flush the cistern.

6) Waste matter (rubbish) from our house should never be disposed of in the

public places.


We must check if fish and beef whether it is fresh or properly frozen.

1) Wash and clean all food especially green vegetables and fruits. Check meat,

2) Keep cooking vessels and water pots clean.

3) Keep the water in the wells and springs away from the dirt and animals.

4) Latrine and compost pits should be made away from wells.

5) Streams, rivers and ponds, if used as a source of drinking water, should not be used for bathing and washing clothes.

6) Always use boiled water for drinking.

7) Try to breathe fresh air that contains plenty of oxygen.

8) Keep the windows open so that fresh air can blow out air which contains germs

and carbon dioxide.


GERMS: are very small organisms which can be seen only by the help of a microscope.

Most of the diseases which go from one person to another are caused by germs.

Germs get into our body in four different ways:

1) By breathing – through the air we breathe in.

2) Through our mouth – through food and water,

3) Through the skin – through wounds and contact.

4) From insect or animal bites.


Some diseases are caused by germs from a sick person, come into our body through the

air that we breathe in. Examples: Common cold, flu, measles, Tuberculosis, whooping

cough, mumps and pneumonia.

MEASLES: is a common disease in children. If not properly cared, it may become

serious and may cause pneumonia, blindness, loss of weight or even death.

  1. CAUSE: It is caused by a small germ – Virus.

SYMPTOMS. Fever, red sore throat, sore eyes, cough, diarrhea, sports starting

on the face spreading to the body.

TREATMENT: a) Take plenty of water, milk, liquid food.

  1. b) Get treatment from a clinic.

PREVENTION: Get babies vaccinated before they are 7 months old,

TUBERCULOSIS (T.B.): affects the lungs of children and grown-up people,

2.CAUSE. It is caused by a germ called ‘Bacillus’.

SYMPTOMS Continuous cough, spitting blood, loss of weight – an X-ray photo can confirm the disease.

TREATMENT: There are good injections and tablets which can cure the disease completely.

PREVENTION: a) Children should be vaccinated against TB.

  1. b) Use a balanced diet to keep the body healthy.
  2. WHOOPING COUGH: Attacks mostly children.

CAUSE: A small germ which is coughed out by a sick child.

SYMPTOMS: Very bad cough and vomiting, a noise after cough which is called ‘Whoop’.

TREATMENT: a) Give soft food at least six times a day.

  1. b) Get treatment from a clinic.

PREVENTION: Babies should be vaccinated when they are about 3 months old.

There are three injections, one in each month.

IV WATER BORNE DISEASES: Germs of some diseases get into our body through the food that we eat or water that we drink. Diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid, cholera and polio spread through food and water.

DIARRHOEA: Babies and children get diarrhoea more easily than grown-ups.

CAUSE: Germs get into our bodies through dirty foods and drinks. Flies cause the spread of disease.


  1. a) Going to the latrine many times a day.
  2. b) Faeces are soft and watery and may contain blood.

TREATMENT: * Take plenty of water and liquid foods.

  1. b) Give oral rehydration salt. (a spoon of salt + 7 spoons of

sugar in a glass of warm water) for babies.

  1. c) Get treatment from clinics.

PREVENTION: It has no vaccination.

  1. a) Wash hands and keep them clean always.
  2. b) Keep food clean and away from flies
  3. c) Use the latrine always and keep it covered with a lid.
  4. d) Feeding bottles of babies should be kept in boiling water

before they are used.

  1. DYSENTRY: is a serious sort of diarrhoea which attacks the large bowels.

SYMPTOMS: Diarrhoea, blood in stool, weakness.

PREVENTION: Same as diarrhoea and no vaccination.

  1. CHOLERA: is a very deadly disease in warm countries.

CAUSE: A small germ which spreads through water and food.

SYMPTOMS: Serious diarrhoea, vomiting, dehydration which may lead to death,

if treatment is not started in time.

PREVENTION: a) Inoculation gives a protection for about six months from the


  1. b) All other preventions for diarrhoea.

TYPHOID : fever also affects bowels and need very careful attention.

CAUSE: Germs which enter through the mouth and breeds in the bowels.

SYMPTOMS: Headache, high fever.

TREATMENT: It requires long time treatment in a hospital.

PREVENTION: a) Inoculation which gives protection for two years.

  1. b) All prevention, described for diarrhoea

POLIO: causes people to loose the use of their arms and legs

CAUSES: Germs that come out through the feaces of a patient which can get into our bodies through water and food.

SYMPTOMS Loss of use of arms or legs.

TREATMENT. They need long time treatment in hospitals.

PREVENTION Vaccination — three times, one in every month

CONTACT DISEASES: Some germs get into our bodies through cuts and wounds and through the skin. Scabies, ringworm, leprosy and venereal diseases spread by contact.

  1. SCABIES is a very common skin disease

CAUSE It is caused by a small insect which lives and lays eggs in the skin makes people scratch.

SYMPTOMS Scratching which forms sores on the skin

TREATMENT Wash all over with sop and water with drops of dental to kill the

insects everywhere in the house.

PREVENTION ) Take a bath everyday and wear clean clothes.

1) Put blankets, beds and clothes in the sun frequently

  1. c) Do not share bedding or clothes with others

2 LEPROSY: is a dangerous disease which might make people lose the fingers and


CAUSE. A germ which spreads through contact.

SYMPTOMS: a) Appearance of light coloured patches on the skin.

  1. b) Loss of feelings on these patches
  2. c) Lamps on the face or on the cars.

d Sores and ulcers on the hands and feet

tinges until the disease is completely cured

TREATMENT: Leprosy can be completely cured if treatment starts early and com

PREVENTION: a) Keep our bodies and houses den

Fat a good balanced diet to keep healthy

  1. VENEREAL DISEASES (V.D): Are those which men and women get during sexual contact. Syphilis and Gonorrhea are the most common venereal diseases. A disease called “AIDS is dangerous as it has no cure.

CAUSE Small germs that enter our bodies through the skin of sex organs.


  1. a) The first sign is a sore on the genitals.
  2. b) Later it affects the nervous system, eyes, head and mind
  3. c) Mothers with the disease give birth to babies with the disease who may die later.

Collect plans

TREATMENT A full course of early treatment from the hospital can cure the disease


  1. a) The first symptom is pain on passing urine and a white pus.
  2. b) Later signs are backache, sterility and abdominal pain.
  3. c) Babies born to sick mothers may become blind.

PREVENTION. a) Avoid sexual contact before marriage.

  1. b) After marriage be loyal to partner.
  2. c) If one has a disease, both should take treatment.

VL INSECT BORNE DISEASES: Insects or animals like mosquitoes, snails, flies, ticks, orals, dogs, etc., carry disease germs and transfer them to our body when they bites.

MALARIA: is spread by female anopheles mosquito.

CAUSE It is caused by a small germ which destroys our blood. Mosquitoes get the

germs when they suck the blood of a sick person. When the mosquitoes bite us,

the germs get into our bodies

SYMPTOMS Very high and repeated fever, headache, vomiting and weakness.

TREATMENT: Tablets and injections from the clinics.

PREVENTION a) Clear mosquito breeding places. Cut grass short buy old pots and ins, make drainage for still water

  1. b) Spray oil in water to kill the mosquito larvae Use mosquito nets and preventive tablets Farming: Soil. Human’s Health and Diseases, Human’s Health and Diseases, Human’s Health and Diseases, Human’s Health and Diseases, Human’s Health and Diseases, Human’s Health and Diseases.




















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