Your complete guide to creating professional games from scratch on the famous Unreal game engine

When we are stuck in a cycle of continuous work or life turns into an unusual form before – such as staying for a long time in the home quarantine due to the current Covid-19 pandemic – the majority of us in youth circles resort to playing fun video games that restore vitality and activity and get away from this atmosphere a little routine.

But if you are a player who has reached a professional level, have you ever thought – in reverse – that instead of playing these games, you can design professional games from scratch easily and simply!

The video game industry has long been believed to be the prerogative of programmers; Those with many years of coding and coding experience. However, the design and development of current games has become different now, as it has become more profitable and anyone, no matter who is a beginner in this field, can overcome these challenges.

Thanks to a series of global game development and design platforms that are increasing in popularity and popularity every day, it makes it easy for you to build all your game designs through your laptop, from simple 2D games to 3D gaming environments.

In this article, we will take you, dear reader, to one of the world’s most famous video game development platforms called Unreal Engine, but before delving into its specialized training courses – which is what concerns us – in professional game design, let’s get to know a little bit about the idea of ​​how games work.

How video games work:

As you play a video game, you will likely be able to decide what you like to do while playing it. Let’s take a simple example of a computer shooter. When you press the left mouse button to turn on the gun, you will see on the screen that the bullets fly and hear their sound through the speaker on the computer, with the visible damage to the target that was hit.

The game designer can easily interpret what we see and hear on the screen and the speaker, as the launch is associated with the click of the mouse button; Simultaneously with the playback of an audio file it sounds like a gunshot is fired and light sparks – called the particle effect – are displayed near it. Finally showing visible damage after hitting the target.

Showing this simple example, shows that when playing video games through a computer or other gaming platforms, the game is returned to its basic components when designing, which helps a lot in designing any level within the game.

There are a lot of effects that happen behind the scenes while playing video games, and with the help of game engines you will have many components that you need to fit your own game design, saving you time and effort by taking advantage of these features.

Game Design Engines:

Game engines provide you with the tools and software needed to help you build and develop your own games, and Unreal Engine developed by the famous game company Epic Games is one of the most popular options in the game market today that you can license to design your games.

Its popularity is mainly due to the engine’s wide customization and ability to create high-quality games. If you intend to start designing games, then Unreal Engine will be the right choice for you.

Game development and design:

Game Design by Unreal:

Each game studio has a set of special operations, and the production of the game usually goes through several stages before it is released; These are pre-production, planning, production and finally post-production. Most of the time that developers spend is often in the production stage.

The development of any video game is the product of iterative processes that start with the creation of an idea for the game, then this idea must be tested to see if it is really interesting for the target audience or not. This is done through prototypes and designs.

The process of iterations in game design can last for weeks, months, or even several years, until the game is completed in the desired image. Everyone’s contribution to game design throughout the development cycle directly affects the game and its success.

Development teams typically consist of five specialized groups: artists, film creators, sound designers, game designers, and programmers. We will explain each group separately.


Their role is to create all the visual objects in the game from menu buttons, characters and landmarks in the stages or levels of the game, and make them look beautiful and more realistic. Some artists specialize in 3D modeling, while others focus on 2D animation.

Film Creators

Many film experts are actually also artists, possessing special vision and creative skills to create short film scenes throughout the game’s stages and levels.

Sound Designers

Sound designers have an acute sense of hearing, and work in audio labs to create custom game music sounds. They are also responsible for importing audio files into game engines to be played in certain situations within the game.

Game designers

This section interests us a lot. In the article, game designers show what happens or revolves around the game, it’s like directing movie or series scenarios by film directors.

In the production phase, game designers themselves oversee the prototyping process of the game, to ensure that the game level is created as required. They often spend their time in the Unreal Editor to customize and improve the level of games.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learning Game Design and Animation on Unreal Engine

Game design based on Unreal Engine

Now that you have taken a general tour, dear reader, about how game engines work, in addition to explaining the tasks of the game development team, it is time to start the training courses; Which will teach you professional game design.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Game Design and Animation on Unreal Engine offers eight courses and more than 400 lessons totaling 55 hours, taught by the best game experts around the world. Where it will teach you how to work with one of the most famous game development platforms in the world in order to design attractive and interesting games from scratch.

If you have never written any line of code or commands before or have not used any kind of game development tools before, it is best to start with the introductory module on the guide which will get you familiarized quickly with Unreal’s basic command structures, graphical assets, methods for creating simple animations, videos, etc. of the other essentials.

After you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to move on to more advanced courses that will teach you how to do just about anything, from creating 2D characters and live scenes to building complex 3D characters that can follow an unlimited number of user commands and inputs.

Unlike other online game design courses, this teaching guide provides real-world examples as well as hands-on instruction units that make learning the content easier and more fun. For example, there is a course on the manual dedicated to teaching the subtle elements of game design, by showing you how to create a version of the famous Fortnite game from scratch with no less than 90 lessons that remove all the ambiguities and complexities of the game design aspects.

Finally, Turn your love of gaming into a full-fledged career by learning how to create professional games. Regardless of your previous programming or game development experience, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to get started, currently available to purchase for only $39.99 after discounts. It’s 96% off for a limited time.

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