NVIDIA Broadcast turns your home into a professional studio

There is a growing trend towards live broadcasting, especially among gamers. Twitch live broadcasting and follow-up service has witnessed an annual growth of 89% in the number of people who broadcast through it, and more than 65% of the time people spend watching.

NVIDIA has released an update to the NVIDIA Encoder with the release of GeForce RTX 20 series graphics cards, which improves video quality while reducing the burden on the processor to increase the number of frames that can be saved in games. It has also worked with live broadcasting software companies such as OBS to improve the performance of the broadcasts provided by the update.

That update was focused on video quality, but the audio plays a very important role, as well as the settings of the cameras and what appears from the room behind the person broadcasting, all of which are essential to make viewing more enjoyable.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to get a professional home studio, due to the high costs of purchasing professional cameras, specialized microphones, and even green coma screens to improve the quality of display of content in the image.

With the release of the GeForce RTX 30 series, NVIDIA introduced an app called NVIDIA Broadcast that can transform your ordinary bedroom into a home studio with improvements in picture quality from webcams and sound from microphones thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

The application mainly offers three advantages based on artificial intelligence which are:

1- Noise Cancellation: It uses artificial intelligence to remove background noise and noise when recording audio through the microphone. These are sounds that occur in an environment a little far from you, such as the sounds of children, bells, or car engines.

The AI ​​network in the app analyzes the audio stream and mutes any non-essential sounds that are considered noise.

2- Virtual background: The artificial intelligence can identify the environment around you and remove it and replace it with any background image you want from your favorite game or at least blur it in order to prevent distraction and to give an appearance that is more suitable for live broadcasts of games.

3- Automatic frames: Here the AI ​​tracks your head movement to keep you exactly in the center of the scene even if you move a little to one side, as if you had a photographer tracking your movement and adjusting the movement of the camera to suit your exact location.

Although Nvidia specializes in gaming graphics, this application helps with any other live broadcast such as group conferences via Zoom, Skype, Teams or chatting with your friends via Discord while playing and many more.

The application aims to provide high-quality effects supported by the power of artificial intelligence to work alongside games, these effects improve the experience of live broadcasting.

NVIDIA Broadcast is a comprehensive add-on that works with the most popular streaming services and video conferencing applications, and supports NVIDIA GeForce RTX, TITAN RTX or Quadro RTX GPU series display cards with Tensor AI cores that process graphics in real time as well as gaming graphics. negatively affect its performance.

For an enjoyable gaming experience, it is recommended to use an NVIDIA RTX 3070 card with a powerful assembly like this one.

You can download the application from this link, and after installing it, you must adjust its settings in terms of microphone, speakers and camera to determine the best source of accuracy and the type of desired effect.

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