Best Macs Available in the Market at Affordable Prices for 2021

For a long time, Mac computers have occupied an important place, especially among students, university students, professionals in various fields and others, due to their quality and ease of carrying everywhere, so the search for the best Mac devices available in the market at affordable prices never stops, and for this we try in this article Extending a helping hand to all those interested in acquiring this type of electronic device, as we will set certain criteria for selection and then show some Mac devices that we think meet these criteria.

How to choose the best Mac

When you are looking for a Mac, you are looking for specific specifications that are suitable for your needs, so the most important criteria that you must rely on when choosing the best Mac devices available in the market at reasonable prices are:

the price

There is no doubt that Mac devices are among the most expensive devices on the market. This fact has been known and present since the beginning of Apple’s devices being introduced to the market for the first time in 1984 and until now, when we are in the year 2021, things have not changed; But more options have been offered, with prices ranging from $ 700 to $ 10,000, depending on the additional features that the user chooses himself.

The good thing is that this price range extends to Macs as well as MacBooks, so your choices are wide, not limited.

Processor type

Apple chooses the silicon processor or the Intel processors, there are Mac computers that support Intel processors, and there are those that work using Apple’s own processor, and Apple decided in early 2021 to replace the models based on Intel with others that work using the Apple processor.

The choice here may be a bit difficult between sticking to the Intel processors, which Apple can not be sure of neglecting, or choosing Apple processors, which are still not supported by all developers. It has been manufacturing its own processors from the start and looking at the impressive results it has come up with, we are excited about Apple’s own processor in Macs as well.

On a personal level, in Arajik, we will recommend choosing Apple processors, and the main reason is performance. Apple knows about its products and this is what we saw in iPhone and iPad devices, where Apple has always given us the best performance.

the use

For what exactly do you want to own a Mac? Are you a university student who only wants to take notes during lectures and use Office applications, or do you want to complete study projects or work projects that require higher capabilities?

We advise you to specify the three criteria that we have explained, in order to reach the best choice for you among the types that we will present in the following paragraphs.

In the following lines, we present a list of the best Mac devices available in the market at reasonable prices according to the opinions of professionals and those who have previously tried these types, with an explanation of their disadvantages and benefit from their advantages.

Apple MacBook Air (2020)

Basic Specifications

Processor: Apple M1 octa-core processor.

Graphics: Apple M1 graphics processor is available with 7 or 8 cores.

Storage: Comes with a capacity of 256/512GB of type SSD

Memory: 8GB.

Screen: 2560×1600 Retina Display

Screen size: 13.3″

Battery life: 14 hours.

Price: $1000.


Apple’s new processor that provides better performance for Mac computers.

The same keyboard sold separately on Apple keyboards as the “Magic Keyboard”.

The trackpad is larger than the standard MacBook.

It comes with a TouchID fingerprint sensor.

Relatively acceptable price.


Some applications that work well on Mac computers have not been modified to work as well on Mac computers.

It does not support adding more storage or random memory.

This device is enough with its capabilities and memory to perform all the daily tasks that a Mac user may need, and the processor is considered low in power and long battery life that will allow it to be used most hours of the day without having to charge it, making it one of the best Mac devices available in the market at reasonable prices.

What distinguishes this device is that it does not emit any annoying sound during its operation; This is because Apple made a bold decision to delete the cooling fan from the laptop, as the MacBook Air mainly relies on ventilation slots only.

The device also supports a USB-C port and also provides a headphone port and a fingerprint sensor.

iMac M1 (2021)

Basic Specifications

Processor: Apple M1 Octa-core.

Graphics: Apple M1 graphics processor is available with 7 or 8 cores.

Storage: It comes in different capacities starting from 256GB and up to 2TB of SSD type.

Memory: 16GB configurable.

Screen: 5120 x 2280 with Retina Display.

Screen size: 24″

Price: Starting at $1,300.


It comes in up to seven colors to choose from.

It has a magic keyboard and magic mouse in the same color.

It has a dedicated 1080p FaceTime camera.


There is no 27 inch version available yet.

It has a limited number of ports and is missing an HDMI port.

This device features a large screen with a resolution of 218 pixels per inch, with a brightness of 500 nits, and is characterized by its thinness that is easy to carry as it is only 115 mm thick, and the overall size of this device is less than half of its predecessors.

Its power cable can be magnetically attached at the back, and the device is available in seven colors: silver, blue, and green, as well as orange, pink, yellow, and purple. The wires, keyboard, and mouse are offered in colors matching the color of the device.

In general, it can be said that the “iMac M1” is one of the best Macs available in the market at affordable prices and beautiful designs.

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