Think again before buying a new laptop and avoid these common mistakes that many make

Several years ago, the process of buying a new laptop was easy because of the few options available and the absence of a real difference between them, but now with the rapid development of technology year after year, many new technologies for laptops have spread so that choosing between them has become more difficult, and the errors that have increased Users commit it while buying a new device as a result of not knowing all its specifications and not knowing what is the most suitable option for them.

You should always not be in a rush when thinking about buying a new laptop to know exactly what you should choose, as most of its main components have become irreplaceable and upgradable, such as the processor, graphics card, and sometimes random memory. Follow this article to learn about the most common mistakes that users make when buying a new laptop in case you want to buy one soon.

Mistakes to avoid when buying a new laptop

Choose an unknown or popular brand

As with desktop computers and smart phones, buying a new laptop from an unknown brand is the worst decision that can be made, and the main reason behind this is the scarcity of its spare parts or their high price due to the monopoly of certain sales centers for that brand, in addition to the fact that Some of them may be of poor quality and misleading and inaccurate specifications.

Some of these brands may be fake and may not have a website at all, which means that you will struggle to find definitions for some of their products if you install a new system version.

It is possible that some famous brands are few in your country, which also means that spare parts are less available or expensive due to monopoly, so do a search and ask about the brands in your area and make sure that their spare parts are available. Currently, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, DELL, and Acer are the major players in the laptop market, so it’s best to pick one of them if you’re not thinking of buying a MacBook from Apple, of course.

Neglecting multiport

Laptops tend to become lighter and smaller every year, as companies reduce the number of ports to open the way to make the computer as small as possible, to the point that some companies are dispensing with important ports such as USB-A, Ethernet and HDMI as well, where you will find this in abundance in Ultrabook laptops, especially MacBooks, which ditched all ports in favor of USB-C several years ago.

With laptops designed to be used anywhere, the lack of basic ports may prevent you from connecting a lot of accessories like your camera, memory card, and USB storage media as well. Of course, all ports can be replaced by using a Dongle adapter that connects to the USB-C port on most modern laptops, but if you travel a lot, the adapter may not be a good idea as it can be easily forgotten.

When you decide to buy a new laptop, it is important to make sure that it has most of the ports that you may need, such as USB-A and HDMI, which most accessories and peripherals you still use, but if thinness and lightness are a priority for you, it is best to consider the cost of buying a good adapter So that it contains all the ports you want, which will often be a high price as well.

Not paying attention to screen resolution and type

The new Razer laptop with a 4K OLED display

The screen is one of the main and important elements that you should pay attention to when buying a new laptop. In the past, screen options were very limited, unlike now, where it is possible to find 4K OLED screens or even high-quality IPS LCD screens with a high refresh rate, in addition to the fact that old TN LCD screens are still very popular as well.

Some may think that OLED 4K screens are the best option in all cases, but these screens have their downsides, of course. Regardless of its high price, the low refresh rate that does not exceed 60Hz makes it not suitable for playing video games at all, as it is mainly intended for graphic designers and content makers in general, in addition to its high-power consumption due to its high resolution.

For gaming PCs, any IPS LCD screen with FHD resolution and above and a refresh rate of more than 60Hz is a good choice. With regard to TN LCD screens, it is always better to stay away from them if available, because of the poor viewing angles even in the newer types of them, but if you want to buy a low-priced laptop (at a price less than $ 500), you will most likely not find any type with screens other than TN LCD unfortunately.

Regarding accuracy, choosing a laptop with an HD screen may not be a good idea, because this accuracy has become very low by standards now, especially if the screen size is large, so it is better to choose a laptop with an FHD screen at least, as these resolutions It has become more widespread than before and you can find it with computers at relatively cheap prices.

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