Meet the most advanced mechanical keyboard: RAZER HUNTSMAN V2

When we talk about the Razer company, we can only think of distinctive equipment with chroma lighting that suits every gamer, and this time it is no different when we show you the “RAZER HUNTSMAN V2” mechanical keyboard, which is considered one of the best and most advanced keyboards in the world, so what Makes it so special?


The most important characteristic of any advanced keyboard is the type of switch used, this is the essence of the foundation, and for this reason Razer has taken care to provide the best of it, as it added the RAZER OPTICAL switches, which are faster and lighter than traditional switches with a refresh rate of up to 8000Hz, which helps reduce delay (Latency ).

If we compare the RAZER OPTICAL switches with others that come in any mechanical keyboard, such as Chery switches, for example, we will notice a remarkable superiority of the Razer in terms of response speed, as it recorded 0.2 milliseconds compared to a full 2 ​​milliseconds for other keyboards.

The new Razer switches come in two types, Linear and Clicky, and the reason for this is that the user can choose between having a silent keyboard, which will be the first choice, or a noisy one for lovers of the feeling of typing on typewriters.

The first of its kind pressure sensitive switches, like a joystick

The Razer Switch also comes with pressure sensitivity, which can be configured to improve the gaming experience, for example, if you press lightly on “W”, the character will walk, while if you press more strongly, it will start running, and measure this example many other examples, where you can take advantage of this feature Powerfully in all your life applications.

Double PBT keys

The switches are not the only thing that Razer focused on. The switches above those switches are made of butylene terephthalate, a material stronger than plastic. According to Razer, we will not have to worry about a yard or breaking any of those switches, or even erasing the letters from them, and this is thanks The double casting process by which letters are polished onto the keys.

And if, for any reason, you want to use your own keys, the Razer HUNTSMAN V2 keyboard supports combinations of all kinds, allowing you to customize your keyboard to your liking.

Multifunction digital wheel plus three media keys

The HUNTSMAN V2 keyboard comes with a wheel that can be configured to control the volume or brightness of the screen, for example, in addition to three side keys that can be configured to control the media, such as play, pause, next song, previous and so on, we consider this an important addition made by Razer as we will not really need to leave the keyboard to do With any of these functions, you will be able to fully control all the features of your device directly through it.

Wrist rest pad

Another beautiful addition that Razer has made to the HUNTSMAN V2 keyboard is to provide it with a very comfortable cushion that can be magnetically attached to the keyboard, which will help you spend hours in front of your computer without feeling tired in the wrist, as well as increase the luxury of the keyboard, where the Razer Logo comes Embossed on it, it is also supported by distinctive RGB lighting.

Chroma™ RGB lighting

Razer is known for the distinctive “chroma” lighting that it provides in all its leading products, which supports up to 16.8 million colors with different effects, which also distinguishes it that it supports ecosystem between its devices, so if you have a mouse and keyboard from Razer, you can adjust the effects and colors on both at the same time.

The Razer HUNTSMAN V2 keyboard comes with full support for chroma lighting, with the ability to customize a different color for each button, giving you the ultimate in customization to make your keyboard look your way.

Razer Synapse app

It is the application responsible for controlling all the features offered by the HUNTSMAN V2 keyboard, whether in order to customize the chroma lighting or control the response speed of the keys and customize the pressure as we previously reviewed in addition to allocating the macro buttons, a set of functions that you pre-configure and add to any button of your choice to immediately Executing them by simply pressing it, these functions can be very simple as important shortcuts in your device. For example, when you press the “ALT” button, activate ALT + “CTRL + DL”, a well-known shortcut in Windows that takes you to the control window.

Internal memory where you can save your settings:

If you are a fan of fully customizing everything small and large in your devices, you will be interested to know that the Razer HUNTSMAN V2 keyboard comes with an internal memory, where you will be able to save your settings on it to activate it anywhere, without having to rely on your computer.


Switches are considered the best in the field with sensitivity to pressure.

Excellent performance in which we do not find a single fault as well as high build quality.

Chroma lighting is supported throughout the keyboard, including the pad.

Type C connection cable and an adapter.

An additional USB port allows you to charge your phone or connect a headset, for example

Allow full customization throughout the keyboard.


When we talk about the $249 price tag for a keyboard, we don’t think everyone is going to get excited about it.

The connection cable cannot be disconnected from the keyboard.

We don’t find much to say other than that it is one of the best keyboards that can be obtained at the moment, but of course it is not intended for the general users, it is intended for professional gamers who are interested in customizing their keyboards to the maximum extent, or professional users, or even content makers, many users whose lives are related to with computers, they may find it important to acquire a masterpiece like RAZR HUNTSMAN V2

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