Learn about the most important things Microsoft revealed at its annual conference for Surface devices

Microsoft’s much-anticipated 2021 conference took place Wednesday, September 22nd, at which the company announced the launch of new laptops as well as several updates to previously released hardware.

At this conference, the Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Pro 8 were announced, in addition to the Surface Duo 2, and updates were announced for the Surface Pro and Surface Go, and Microsoft not only did this, but also announced the release of new accessories such as the Surface Slim Pen 2, Surface Adaptive Kit, Microsoft Ocean Mouse designed for use with newer Surface devices.

Most of these devices will be available for pre-order and shipping starting October 5, 2021, except for the Surface Duo 2, which won’t be acquired until October 21, 2021.

If you did not have the opportunity to watch the Microsoft conference, we have summarized for you the most important revelations, where you will find the most important points in this article.

The most prominent devices revealed by Microsoft

 Surface Duo 2

Microsoft’s Surface Duo devices are an attempt to enter the field of foldable devices, as it includes two screens connected to each other with an idea similar to what Samsung does in its foldable devices, with the difference that in Microsoft, the screen itself is not folded, but the two screens are connected together.

Microsoft launched this idea for the first time in the Surface Duo device, which was closer to an experiment to monitor the public’s reaction to this new idea, and now Microsoft has revealed the second version of this series with the name Surface Duo 2, which is a huge upgrade to the previous version, as the device was redesigned and closed Lots of gaps that annoyed users in the first version.

Surface Duo 2 has noticeable top and bottom edges, with an information bar that appears when both screens are closed showing data like time, battery remaining, and notifications.

The focus was also on the camera system in the Surface Duo 2, which now includes a telephoto lens and two wide-angle lenses, as well as a thinner thickness than the first version of the series.

Microsoft focused on harnessing the experience of having two screens to be practical in daily use, where you can drag and scroll between the two screens or divide the content between them by placing the device at a 90-degree angle like a personal computer.

As for the price of the Surface Duo 2, it will start at $1,500 and is available to order in the market starting today, but it will not be officially available in the market before October 21.

Basic Specifications:

Two 5.8″ AMOLED screens, making the total size of the two screens 8.3″

Snapdragon 888 processor with support for 5G networks.

Available in 128/256/512GB storage with 8GB LPDDR5 RAM.

Triple imaging system consisting of an Ultra-wide and a wide lens in addition to a Telephoto.

Dual battery capacity 4449mAh

 Equipped with some modifications from Microsoft to enhance the experience of using the two screens.

The price of this device starts at $ 1500 and is available to order in the market, but it will not be officially available before October 21.

2. Surface Laptop Studio

It is the latest laptop in the Microsoft family, not to mention the high specifications that this device comes with, it also has a hinge that gives it strength, and allows the ability to drag the screen over the keyboard to make writing and drawing comfortable, hence the reason for the name of the device as “Laptop Studio” where the combination between PC hardware and the tablet experience,

This computer features a webcam resolution in addition to a high-resolution screen, and is ideal for intensive programs such as Photoshop or 4K video editing.

Basic Specifications:

11th generation Intel Core i5-11300H and i7-11370H processors.

NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti GPU (available only for i7 version).

14.4 inch PixelSense touch screen with 120Hz response rate.

Surface Slim Pen 2 can be stored under the keyboard.

1080p front camera.

The battery is enough for 19 hours of use for (i5) and 18 hours for (i7).

The price of the “Laptop Studio” computer starts at $ 1,600 and is available for pre-order. This device is expected to outperform modern devices such as the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Go 3 that were announced at the same conference.

Microsoft describes this device as the most important thing it revealed at its conference, as it is twice the speed of its predecessor, the Surface Pro 7, and is a re-design of the entire Surface Pro series with thinner edges and a larger touch screen.

Basic Specifications:

Eleventh generation Intel Core i3, i5, i7 processors

13″ PixelSense touch screen, 120Hz refresh rate.

A 5MP camera at the front, and a 10MP camera at the back.

Two Thunderbolt ports.

Far-field studio microphones.

Supports Surface Slim Pen2.

It starts at $1100 and it’s the fastest device in addition to its thinner surface, so it should be considered a significant jump for Microsoft.

Devices Microsoft announced the update at its annual conference

Surface Pro X

Updates to this device did not include the design or update the processor, but Microsoft lowered its price by offering it without LTE support, it now supports Wi-Fi only, and at a price of $ 900, which is $100 less than the price of a device that supports LTE.

Surface Go 3

This device maintains its basic shape that many liked, but it now supports LTE, has a 10.5-inch touch screen and has been reduced in weight to only 0.54 kg.

The Intel Core i3 version of the Surface Go 3 is 60% faster than previous versions, and can be ordered with either LTE or Wi-Fi support, it’s only $400 and is available for pre-order, and it will be available in the market starting October 5.

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